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“We are often taught to look for the beauty in all things, so in finding it, the layman asks the philosopher while the philosopher asks the photographer.”


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Story of top 10 black models in france

The story of African Americans in the modeling world is often one of resilience, with a number of Black models forging a path for themselves and their communities in an industry that has often stuck to narrow, limited notions of who should be seen and celebrated. Here are some of the models who parlayed their runway and print success into other forms of gainful creativity. The fashion/modeling industry still has much to account for when it comes to its handling of ethnic diversity, different body types and gender politics, but we nonetheless want to honor those who persevered under daunting conditions to achieve feats of beauty.

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10 Cosmetics that makes your face stand out

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why you should have two of these items in your collection



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By Shawn geey

Expert tips on fashion magazine and how they affect your livestyle

7 Expert Tips for Getting Your Photography Published in Fashion Magazines · Know you won't get rich · Begin with small goals: · Pay attention to ...

By Sam smitt

Homosexuality and fashion

Throughout the twentieth century, clothing has been used by lesbians and gay men as a means of expressing self-identity and of signaling to one another.

By Beyonce

Fashion and music perfomance-correlation and importance

Music offers fashion more than a theme or a movement. Occasionally, a performer possesses fashion awareness that directly influences fashion.

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